For controlling all flea stages, plus ticks including paralysis ticks. Kills adult fleas on your dog, plus flea eggs and larvae in their environment to help keep them protected.

Protecting Your Pet

Why fleas love our cats and dogs!

They’re on our pets and in our home. Why are fleas so hard to get rid of?

Controlling Paralysis ticks

Why are ticks so dangerous and how can we protect our pets against them?

Not so fun facts to share

For every flea found in your home, there are about 80 others hidden from your sight
A flea can drink 15 times its weight in blood in just a single day
One flea can feed on your pet for 3 hours

How to use FRONTLINE PLUS for Dogs

It’s easy to apply FRONTLINE PLUS to your dog. 


Watch how to use FRONTLINE SPRAY on your pet.

How to check for ticks

Ticks hide in the unlikeliest places. We’ll show you how to check your pet.

Puppy Care

Tips for keeping your puppy safe and healthy.

Kitten Care

Tips for keeping your kitten safe and healthy.

Staying healthy and happy

Tips to help your pet stay healthy and be a happy part of the family.

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