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Dependable flea protection

For protection you can trust against fleas, choose FRONTLINE PLUS for Cats. The easy spot-on treatment kills fleas on your cat, plus flea eggs and larvae in their environment to keep them protected.

Note: Fipronil, one of the active ingredients in FRONTLINE PLUS, causes fleas to become hyperactive and therefore more visible before dying.

Additional Frontline Plus for Cats Benefits

  • FRONTLINE PLUS kills fleas rapidly. Monthly application will deplete the flea population over time and protect your environment from re-infestations.

  • Treats and controls biting lice.

  • Can be used in kittens from 8 weeks of age.

  • Safe for use on breeding, pregnant and lactating queens.

  • Waterfast – so it can be used on cats that are shampooed between treatments. Ensure your cat is completely dry before applying FRONTLINE PLUS for Cats and wait 24 hours before wetting your cat again.

  • Treats and controls flea allergy dermatitis.

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How to Apply FRONTLINE PLUS for Cats

It’s easy to apply FRONTLINE PLUS to your cat
Step 1.  Snap off the tip along the scored line.
Step 1

Hold the pipette upright with the label facing towards you. Tapping the neck of the pipette can help ensure the contents are in the main body of the pipette. Snap off the tip along the scored line.

Step 2 Part your cat's coat between the shoulder blades
Step 2

Part your cat's coat between the shoulder blades until you can see their skin.

Step 3: Place the tip of the pipette on the skin
Step 3

Place the tip of the pipette on the skin where indicated and squeeze the pipette gently to empty the contents.

Step 4: Apply entire contents in one spot
Step 4

Apply entire contents in one spot. See the product label for full instructions

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. The flea development cycle from egg to adult flea may be completed in 2 weeks. Pre-emerged fleas can remain dormant in the environment for up to 6 months, emerging at any time to jump onto your pet and re-infest it.


FRONTLINE PLUS contains two active ingredients to break the flea life cycle at every stage. One ingredient kills the adult fleas on your pet. The other ingredient stops fertile eggs being laid and prevents larval and pupal development, preventing re-infestation of your pet and contamination of your home.


Treat all your dogs and cats every month for optimal flea control. When applied correctly, FRONTLINE PLUS remains active against fleas for at least one month. If you are in a paralysis tick area, apply FRONTLINE PLUS FOR DOGS every 2 weeks to provide paralysis tick control for your dog. If you are in a paralysis tick area and have a cat, apply FRONTLINE SPRAY every 3 weeks for protection against paralysis ticks.

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