Home and Environment Spray

An insecticidal spray to help prevent fleas in the home

Now you can treat flea infested areas with HOME AND ENVIRONMENT FLEA SPRAY. It protects sprayed areas against the emergence of fleas from eggs and larvae still present in the environment at the time of treating for up to 12 months and protects against new fleas invading the home for up to 3 weeks.

Only 5% of a flea population comprises adult fleas on a pet, with the remaining 95% made up of flea eggs, larvae and pupae in the environment.
While continuing to use flea control products such as FRONTLINE PLUS on your pets, using FRONTLINE PET CARE HOME AND ENVIRONMENT FLEA SPRAY may enhance your overall protection.
Shake well before use. Step 1: Hold the container at least 20 cm from the surface to be sprayed. Step 2: Apply the SPRAY onto objects or premises to be treated. Step 3: Use on kennels, pet bedding, chairs, carpet and under the furniture.
How much to use? Spray 25 mL per square metre.
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