Responsible Cat Ownership

Giving a kitten a home is a big responsibility and not one that should be taken lightly. Follow a few guiding principles to ensure your kitten is given every opportunity to grow into a healthy and happy member of the family.

Responsible Cat Ownership
Responsible Cat Ownership

Behaviour and training: Mistakes in your kitten’s education may lead to long-term behavioural problems. Read the pages on Settling Your Kitten In To Family Life and Training Your Kitten for more details.

Feeding: Adapting the feeding program as your kitten grows helps to prevent obesity, joint problems and other disease such as diabetes later in life. Speak to your vet regarding any advice you need on the type and amount of food required during the different life stages of your cat (e.g. kitten through to an older cat).

Dental care: It is now commonly recognised that many cats suffer from dental problems, even at an early age. This is difficult to avoid, as most cats will not relish having their teeth brushed. Some diets have been developed which may help to reduce the incidence of dental disease. It is best to have your cat’s teeth checked on an annual basis by your veterinarian as part of their annual health check and vaccination.

Parasite control: Use parasite protection you can trust. Control fleas on your cat with FRONTLINE PLUS or fleas and ticks with FRONTLINE SPRAY. For control of both internal and external parasites, NexGard SPECTRA® Spot-On for Cats provides the most complete protection against fleas, ticks, mites, heartworm and worms, all in one easy, monthly application.

Vaccinations: Vaccinate your kitten and keep up to date with booster vaccinations as recommended by your vet.

Desexing: Desexing both ‘toms’ and ‘queens’ at an early age helps prevent straying and so reduces the risk of accidental mating and contracting some infectious diseases, as well as preventing unwanted kittens. Speak with your vet for more information about desexing.

Microchipping: Microchipping your cat is a legal requirement in most states and territories in Australia. If your kitten is already microchipped when you acquire them, remember to update changes such as new owner details and changes of address as soon as possible. Ask your vet for further details regarding microchipping at your kitten’s first check-up.


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