Training Your Puppy To Have Good Manners

There is a lot to learn about puppy training and it is wise to seek expert advice regarding training for your new pup. There are many different puppy classes, obedience training programs and dog and kennel clubs who offer different levels of training and classes. Ask your vet or Delta Society Canine Good Citizen Trainer™ for guidance to establish a training program suitable for you and your new puppy. The main aim is to teach your puppy good manners so that they know how to behave with your family and in the community.

Training Your Puppy
Training Your Puppy

In addition to specific training, puppies also need to learn how to control their own behaviour and limit potential injury to others. Part of this process involves learning that the use of teeth and nails are not acceptable when interacting with owners and other pets, and it is therefore important not to encourage their use during play. Play should be directed to appropriate toys instead.

The most important thing to focus on is to teach your puppy to be calm and settled. This means rewarding your puppy with quiet praise whenever they are lying quietly.


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